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Green Valley Greenhouse Fundraiser

The long awaited SPRING has arrived!

And we have the perfect gift for you and that special person in your life you call “Mom”.

The Green Valley Greenhouse Fundraiser is for $25 GIFT CARDS ONLY!

  • Cards are available immediately when you order.

  • Place your order by responding to this email OR call 763-576-8283 (Leave your name and phone number.)

  • You pay when you pick them up.

  • Gift Card Fundraiser ends MAY 11, 2019.

Why gift cards? With a card, one can go to Green Valley Greenhouse in Ramsey, MN and CHOOSE THEIR OWN plants, colors, and sizes WHENEVER they are ready for the plants. Cards can even be used for SALES! Imagine the possibilities with your gifts cards to use throughout the summer and fall!

Hope For Children MN receives $7 from every gift card sold.

Place your orders for gifts cards today


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