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Meet the Speakers for the Upcoming Spaghetti & Ice Cream Benefit Dinner

Jonathan Mogck is a board member for Door of Hope. A ministry focused on equipping people all over the world to live life free from abuse and trauma through safe housing, educational conferences, support groups, trauma recover counseling and prayer ministry.

Jonathan will be sharing with us some key thoughts regarding how those suffering from abuse and trauma can find true healing and restoration.

Jonathan's identity is in Christ. He is marketer, a business developer, a teacher, trained in transformational prayer facilitation, and refined by his life's own family experiences of suffering and trauma including but not limited to children's eating disorders, suicide, divorce, cutting, addictions and murder.


Vollie Heitkamp, founder of Hope Rides has had a love of horses and people for as long as she can remember. As a child Vollie was fortunate to have parents who recognized this love and nurtured her in it which has allowed her to experience various aspects of horse ownership to include recreational trail riding, 4H, Saddle Clubs and competing in the show circuit. It has been these life experiences and 31 years of partnering with horses and incredible personal mentors that has equipped her to be able to work with people and horses in a way that meets them where they are at with a genuiune intent to empower and give hope.

In 2006 Vollie felt a stirring in her spirit that left her feeling as if she was not using her gifts in the world the way she was intended to. It was this stirring that lead to her to seeking Gods will for her life with a new set of eyes and heart. It was during this time that she began to understand what she was being called to do, so with faith, she simply surrendered her “list” to the Lord and began seeking fully HIS will. It was the profound clarity that came when the Lord told her that “Fear and Faith did not go together” and that she needed to choose one. It was that very day that she made the decision that fear had no place in her life and it had to go. It has been one step at a time of faith and obedience that the outreach of Hope Rides has been built on. It is a great privilege to be allowed into very personal spaces in peoples lives as they navigate the various trails and tribulations life has to offer. She is filled with gratitude to be able to share and serve through this platform.

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